About Us

What is J.Zigloü?

J-Zigloü is a lifestyle brand that offers comfortable, affordable and stylish fur products, accessories and outerwear. Every product we offer is expertly crafted in Montreal, Canada, with the furs coming from all over North America. J.Zigloü products are produced using the best furs and materials, to ensure a product that stands the test of time. With over 25 years in the business, J.Zigloü hats and accessories are proven to be a great seller, and have been enjoyed by thousands!
              Northern Igloo

The J.Zigloü Advantage

  • By purchasing our products, you directly impact the highly established and important fur and manufacturing industries in Canada.
  • The Canadian fur industry employs approximately 60,000 full and part-time skilled workers each year, not including spin-off employment in the supply and services sector, including feed and equipment suppliers, veterinary and research services, by-product production, marketers, business services, transport, crafts and design sectors.
  • J.Zigloü supports the ancient tradition of trapping in Canada, supporting around 25,000 aboriginal trappers throughout Canada.
Northern Igloo 
“Trappers receive training, and trapping is carefully regulated through registered trapping areas, harvest quotas, hunting seasons, and other measures to prevent over-harvesting and to ensure that the best available methods are used to promote responsible conservation.”
- Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

Fun Facts

  • Over 85% of fur manufacturing in Canada occurs in Montreal
  • Canada is home to 2 internationally attended auction houses, both located in Ontario
  • Around two-thirds of all furs produced in Canada, and as much as 85% worldwide come from mink and fox.
  • Trapping is highly regulated by the provinces and territories of Canada. Regulators ensure that no endangered species are trapped or used in the fur industry.